OPI Neo-Pearl Nail Polish Collection

OPI Neo Pearl Collection

OPI, an iconic nail brand, has been revolutionizing nail colors since 1981. Its products come in a wide array of colors that meets every client’s request. Its great colors spark memory and emotions. Its quality is unmatched. So, this season too, OPI has launched brand new collection OPI Neo Pearl Collection Summer 2020. This collection includes 12 shades in iridescent pinks, purples, blues and nudes.

Come out of your shell with bran new OPI nail collection. This not so neutral pearl collection represents the beauty of pearls. Moving into 2020, as society is craving for natural glow and luminosity, OPI has chosen soft pastel colors to make it work. These nude and neutral colors show the transition from cold winter to warm days of summer. It is a perfect collection,as these colors will be the most trending this year. OPI Neo Pearl Collection Summer 2020 includes six unique shades in GelColor and Nail Lacquer and six exclusive, unmatched shades in Infinite Shine. Now let us dig in further into the shades.

GelColor and Nail Lacquer Shades

Below, you’ll read the colour explanation and review in my opinion for the six shades that came for GelColor and Nail Lacquer.

Shellabrate Good Times:

Celebrate your inner luminosity with limited edition shimmery ivory nail paint that will make you glisten. This nail lacquer comes in white shade with a slight tone of pink in it. This nail color is the original formula invented to give quality nail color. It should be your top choice if you enjoy updating your manicure weekly. With the matching set of OPI GelColor and Nail Lacquer, you have got that glassy glow.

Pretty in Pearl

Feeling pearly pretty? This is the most shade that relates to the collection’s name, Neo-Pearl. Enjoy the classic nude nail polish with this limited-edition shade having hints of copper and orange. This combo of copper and orange calls in a good match. As copper color convey your message effectively, and orange color stands for happiness, creativity, and attraction. So, this combo allows you to be yourself more. One coat is enough, but if you want a more copper tone, you can apply two coats.

Shellmates Forever:

This limited-edition pink nail polish is on the next level. A shimmery pink one with the hints of lavender stands for your compassion, femininity, and love for yourself and others. So, if you want to show your feminine side more, this is the right shade for you.

Just a Hint of Pearl-ple:

Just a Hint of Pearl-ple- like its name, this vintage purple shade is the luxurious one in the whole collection. This shimmery violet nail paint is a tool to show luxury and royalty. This color is very appealing and shows the inspiring side of your personality. Enjoy your nail art by using Shellabrate Good Times with this shade.
5. Did you see those Mussels?
Oh, let us appreciate its name. Isn’t it attractive? Just like the color of nail polish, its name makes you go deeper into it. This shimmery periwinkle blue color will buff up your nails. Just like pearls are associated with the sea, so is the blue color. It stands for calmness and loyalty. This pearly bluish shade will give you the joy of enjoying the colors of the sky. If you are a blue color person, do not miss this shade.

Two pearls in a pod

It feels like this shade is telling us about a story of two pearls in a pod. Its shimmery green color with a blue tone is a perfect shade. It is a glory representing renewal and life. It is very sheer in the first coat but becomes opaquer onthe second one. Try this color, and I bet you will become its fan.

Infinite Shine Shades

Infinite shine pearl consists of six shinning pearly shades that attract everyone’s attention. Following is an explanation about them.

You’re full of Abalone

This limited-edition long-lasting nail polish gives ivory pearl finish. It is a luminous beauty that shifts color as it catches the light. It provides full coverage on nails. This pearlescent ivory shade is associated with purity and perfection. This shade, just like its name, will bring a smile on your face.

I’m a Natural

I love this name, as it shows the essence of purity. This limited edition peachy pink pearl shade will give your nails exclusive shine and look. Pink is an all-time favorite of girls, and they chose this color to represent themselves better. Its formula is unique. This long-lasting nail color becomes tan when it reaches the light. Try this shade, I love it and you will too.

Glisten Carefully!

Do you want to twinkle? Shine sparkly with Glisten carefully! This exclusive limited-edition pearly lilac shade screams wisdom, nobility, and passion. Glisten and glow with its coverage.

Love or Lust-er?

Isn’t its name dramatic? Having deep shadowy pearlescent purple hue, it adds drama to your Mani/Pedi. When to try it, you will be lusting for it. This exclusive shade also changes colors when light reaches it. Applying two coats it will give you a brighter tone.

Two Baroque Pearls

Two Baroque Pearl shade will remind you of the sky’s beauty. This icy blue pearly shade is so bright and gorgeous that it will make you feel rich. It has a vibrant pearlescent sky-blue touch in it. Go for this shade, and you will fall in love with it.

Olive for Pearls

Are you a fan of olive-green color? If not, you will become one after trying this shade. The feels of this green pearly shade are next level. This shade is perfect, and you will get excellent results with two coatings.This bright pearlescent olive-green shade will become your favorite one.


These were all shades of OPI Neo Pearl Collection 2020. It is the most exquisite collection of this season with a combination of nude and pastel colors. All the shades are mesmerizing and fascinating on their own.

Try them to explore yourself more. Because beneath the surface, you are more powerful and strong. You are perfect and luminous. Illuminate fingers and toes with the new Neo-Pearl Collection by OPI! Now, it is time to show others through these shades of iridescent colors. Neo-Pearl shades will make you glow on the outside as much as you are on the inside.

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