Magic Gel System

Magic Gel System


Magic gel system is a reputed online website with the best and innovative products that one can use for perfect nail art. From gel paints to brushes and starter kits you can find anything on Magic gel products. There are so many nail techs who depend upon their products. You can create some useful and jaw-dropping art that can amaze your clients. Most of the professionals are using these products for perfect nail art.

Product Lines

With the huge variety of Magic gel products lines, besides the fantastic quality, it became clear it earned salons and nail technicians trust. They are using an advanced nurturing formula perfect for weak nails. The gel also helps to restore the growth of your nails without clipping and peeling for a long time.

By using their products, one can easily design and customize any style within minutes. Here is a complete review of their products.

Gel Paints (Magic Gel)

This is a main product Magic gel specialized in. It is their most popular product with so much hype and demand. The gel helps in getting full coverage and for the perfect growth of your nails. Magic gel paints come in total four categories including, mattes, shimmer, cream and one coat coverage. They have a total of 16 beautiful colors in their gel paints, including neon, pastel, and nude colors. You can try some artistic looks and even use them for your daily routine. The best part is that they have a unique collection of gel paints according to holidays and occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween and Christmas etc. You can use them for all your events and even for professional use. Believe it or not, they won’t disappoint you in quality and value.

Builder gels

Builder gels are basically a medium to thick viscosity gel that one can use for creating shapes of nails. It is so strong that and you will see it used in the salons all the time. You can also call them extensions above your natural nails. The strength of these nails is the same as acrylic nails. Magic gel system has a wide range of 10 different types of builder gels. Each is having a different heat level and viscosity from which you can choose the one you like. The three categories in builder gels include a primer, base coat, and the topcoat. The base coat comes in medium to thick viscosity from which you can choose the one you prefer. Their primer is something by which you can get keep your natural nail safe from the chemicals.

Nail Guard

We all know that getting too many manicures and nail art can affect our nails too. But not anymore as with the Magic gel system nail guard your nails are going to be protected. With just a thin layer, you can get manicures, acrylic nails and even sculpting. The best part is that you can use eight different camouflage colors in it according to your needs that will match every type of skin tone. It is perfect for people who have thin or damaged nails.

Nail guard is a perfect and healthy choice for your nails, and it is totally organic. It is an absolute game-changer in the nail industry, and by using it, you can get sculpting in just 10 minutes.


Brushes are the most important thing when you do nail art. You also need good quality acrylic nail brushes that you can last for a long time. Magic Gel system has come up with 11 brushes that you can use in designing and sculpting. You can use these brushes for geometrical designs, painting, smallest detailing, for dots and calligraphy etc. Even they have the perfect brushes for making flowers and acrylic designs on the nails. There are also brushes for glitters and ombre applications. The best part is that they have an advanced brush set for professional and beginner level use. You don’t have to buy all of them individually as in the whole set you will get all the brushes that you need for perfect nail art.

Nail Forms

Its time to transform your sculpting into something creative and unique with Magic gel nail forms. By these, you can get perfect C forms that are perfect for every nail type and shape. You don’t have to wait for hours as within seconds you can use these forms. It is one of their best perfect series that helps professionals to design any nail shape. The shapes can be oval, round, square, stiletto, edge, coffin, and so many more. You can enjoy the sculpt extensions by using flat smile lines of these forms without even cutting it. Their technology and innovative methods ensure that everyone can enjoy the perfect nail art. The professionals can flaunt their skills and make some long-term clients on the first visit.

Starter kits

For the professionals and even the beginners, Magic gel system has come up with 2 different types of starter kits that can help you save a lot. You get to enjoy all their amazing products with a single click. The 1st starter pack includes a hard gel system product line for you in which you get 4 builder gels, 1 top gel, 3 gel paints, 1 primer, and 1 brush. It’s perfect for anyone who is trying to practice or learn nail art. Even if you want to make some videos and do nail art on your clients, you should go for it. The second starter kit is our favorite nail guard that is so trendy right now.



Magic gel system is one of the most beautiful online nail art collection stores which you can rely on for your artistic needs. Not only you get quality, but you get organic products that won’t affect your nails at all. Their goal is to save you from the chemicals and induce growth in the nails. Most of their products provide protective layers during application like builder gels and nail guard. So, either you are a professional who runs a salon or just a person who loves nail art, Magic gel system is worth a try. Try it yourself and see how amazing their technology is. You will definitely fall in love with it.

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