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Gelish Editor's Picks

Gelish is one of the most innovative companies in the nail industry. Recently they launched their editorial collection, which has a perfect range of 6 colors that I have fallen in love with. What I love most about the Gelish brand is their quality and the smooth texture of nail polish and how beautiful nails look after dry . They have no doubt paid high attention to detail on this collection.

Product Line

Gelish Editor’s PICKS Collection has come with an extraordinary reputation because of its three product lines.

Morgan Taylor (Nail Lacquer)

Morgan Taylor is one of the rising stars of the nail industry whose goal is to innovate color expression. The whole collection is a pure inspiration from luminous pearls, precious gems and everlasting colors. The collection has a complete range of 6 colors each darker from the 1st shade. What I love most about this product line is how professional their products are. The texture and the result are something every nail art lover desire for a perfect look.

Gelish Soak-Off (Gel Polish)

Gel nail polishes are everyone’s favorite as they are long-lasting, but I do get irritated when they don’t come off. I make a mess when I try to remove them. With the Editor’s PICKS collection by Gelish, I am a little relieved as they have the best range. Their gel polish has a smooth texture and after applying just keep your nails under a LED lamp. In 30 seconds, you will see the result. You can also try the UV light, but I would say that if we have the option of LED its best as you are safe from harmful radiations. The gel polish stays for up to 3 weeks without chipping. It took me just 10 to 15 minutes to remove it.

Gelish dip

Gelish dip is one of my favorites because of all the fun process of this product line. Of course, it takes a little time to prep and buff than the acrylic nails but its so much worth it. First, you must prep and buff your nails and then apply a base coat. After that, you can dip your nails into the color powder which is the Gelish dip. After that, you can apply the activator and repeat the process for the topcoat. It is how I get a perfect finished look and damn it was beautiful.

Gelish Editor’s PICKS Colors

The three product lines mentioned earlier have the same range of colors. Editor’s PICKS nail colors is perfect for late spring and summer nail art. There are 6 sharp colors available in Gelish soak-off gel polish and Morgan Taylor nail lacquer, and Gelish dip powder.

Shades Titles

  • BARELY BUFF – Palest Pink Crème
  • CALL MY BLUSH – Soft Sheer Pink
  • ON CLOUD MINE – Sheer Peachy Pink
  • GOING VOGUE – Antique Rose Crème
  • IT’S YOUR MAUVE – Mauve Crème
  • I SPEAK CHIC – Taupe Nude Crème

Barely Buff

Barely buff is the lightest shade among the whole range. The name suits the color too as when I applied it, and it felt so natural. It has a soft pinkish and white base touch. I loved how my hands looked after applying it. I used two coats for a perfect and even looked. The texture and application are perfect, and if you want, you can use the other range and make pink flowers on it. It is the nail art I did when I was so excited to see the results. And I would prefer thin coats, as well as the nail paint, has a natural color, and I think you should try it that way.

I Speak Chic

With a taupe nude color and creamy texture, this one is going to be in my permanent collection. I mean, how often is that we come across the perfect nudes that goes with every outfit. This vague color is perfect for spring and summer. Either you are a student or an employee, you can use it for your daily routine. You can also wear it for an elegant wedding and day time events. It’s such a beautiful and neutral color that will look perfect in your hands. Use two coats only for a proper application. If you want you can apply a base coat too if you want to wear it longer.

Call My Blush

Call my blush is a medium yet bright tone in pink and you what it is like a perfect blush. I have the same colors as well in my blushes range as I have a particular corner for pink shades. That’s the main reason why I fell in love with this whole range instantly. It has a sweet and tender touch more like a romantic shade for your date night. It has a beautiful, emotional energy that makes me feel so happy and relaxed. Even a single coat works fine if you want to keep the natural shade but if you want full coverage then go for double coating.

On Cloud Mine

Do you know that wearing pink can calm your nerves and ensure that you don’t feel physically weak? Well, that’s the main reason why you should be in pink too. I love this color as it has a smooth crème texture that makes me remind the innocence and positivity. Not only shade of red is for romance and love. Pink is also the 2nd color when it comes to showing affection and admiration. It gives full coverage after two to three coats depending upon your needs. When I applied this color and checked the result, I only said “sugar spice and everything nice”.

Going Vogue

It is a mixture of mauve and purple, giving us the perfect bold color in this range. Not only it has unique energy but also shows royalty and luxury. It’s not hard to pull off this color as it may seem. It’s a beautiful color perfect for your night events, especially. Like weddings, parties and even a special dinner. The color itself is so soothing and calm me whenever I look at it. It also reminds me of lavender, and I cannot be more obsessed with it. So, do try this magical color as it is going to make you speechless with a perfect application and results.

It’s Your Mauve

For me, it’s more like a grape color that I felt is so elegant and perfect for my outings and events. It really refines a perfect grace for you and gives a feminine touch. Perfect for showing a confident and elegant personality who is afraid of nothing. The beauty of this color is all in the quality and the crème texture that gives the perfect finishing. With two coats you can enjoy the perfect full coverage.


In the end, I just want to say that this editorial collection of Gelish is worth-buying and using it for spring and summer. The texture and application are what we call value, and you will definitely fall in love with it.

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