CND English Garden Collection

CND English Garden Collection

With the latest CND collection, English garden, it’s time to flaunt the creativity of yours and style your nails. This season is about recreating English cottage garden romance. Symphony of soft and delicate shades. CND English garden collection is the true depiction of spring colors showing a wide range of petal-soft pinks. Bloom of colors to start your spring fling. Moreover, they are perfect for nail art either you run a salon or just want to give a treat to your hands.

English Garden Shades

The titles of the shades are made from flower names and other things related to spring season and garden elements. The colors are pure match themselves. So, let’s talk further about this spring fling collection.

Flowerbed Folly

This is one of my most favorite color in the garden collection. With a bit hint of nude and dark peach, it’s irresistible. This shade will go with each color you are going to were even black. Try it yourself and see the smooth texture and soft look of this color. If we talk about the color it makes you stand out and bring the strong things in your personality.
For me, it reflects beauty and perfection. As nude shades are always in the trend and it does have the same feeling but in a little dark tone. For application, two coats would be enough even if you want full coverage.

NE-CGC-00686-D25 CND Shellac Flowerbed Folly 0.25 fl oz/7.3 ml 00686
NP-POL-00674-0D5 CND Vinylux #346 Flowerbed Folly 0.5 fl oz/15 ml 00674

Soft Peony

The second one we have is a soft peony. Peony flower is the native of China and it is highly valued there for its beauty. The local people of China say that it reflects romance and compassion. And I cannot agree more about seeing this new nail paint. Even in a single application I could feel happiness and gentleness and believe me there are no words to describe this beauty. Named as in the collection, it does have a soft look giving you the joy you deserve.
I tried it with the Magical Topiary for making patterns and even a small heard on the side of my nail. It worked perfectly for me.

NE-CGC-00687-D25 CND Shellac Soft Peony 0.25 fl oz/7.3 ml 00687

NP-POL-00683-0D5 CND Vinylux #347 Soft Peony 0.5 fl oz/15 ml 00683

Lady Lilly

I truly loved the name of this nail paint. It’s a white color but if you see it in sunlight you will also feel a little pink tone in it. With the perfect Lily color, now you can say your collection of nail color is complete. There is no doubt how much this color shows purity and perfection. The texture is so smooth and easy to apply. You will feel clean and confident and could try so many nail arts as white opens creativity with endless possibilities. With the lovely and positive feedbacks of this collection, I saw many women trying patterns of nail art using the same colors of the collection. I think it’s a brilliant idea as with these soft and light color theme you can enjoy the summer as well. For a perfect flaunt, go with two coats to cover your nails completely.

NE-CGC-00688-D25 CND Shellac Lady Lilly 0.25 fl oz/7.3 ml 00688

NP-POL-00675-0D5 CND Vinylux #348 Lady Lilly 0.5 fl oz/15 ml 00675

Kiss from A Rose

The real color of this nail paint will remind you of the Lavender roses. Of course, they are so beautiful and pretty and this may feel the same when you apply it. This is a unique color in CND collection and gives a creative style statement. It is love at first sight color that will attract you and grab your heart forever.
Like I said, it’s a unique color, its perfect to express the spring love. Even for me, it goes in my permanent collection to flaunt my nail art all summer with this exquisite masterpiece. You can apply two coats and they are more than enough for full coverage.

NE-CGC-00689-D25 CND Shellac Kiss From A Rose 0.25 fl oz/7.3 ml 00689

NP-POL-00676-0D5 CND Vinylux #349 Kiss From A Rose 0.5 fl oz/15 ml 00676

Carnation Bliss Limited Edition

This is the 1st limited edition in the new garden collection and I would say you need to get your hands on this before it runs out. It’s more of like a pale pink with a white base showing the purity and innocence of your personality. This light petal shade is a great addition to the new CND collection. Because of its light hue, it gives a gentle touch and could be a great choice for both casual and formal occasions.
For me, this color shows the feminine power, elegance, and strength that keeps us ready for everything. It’s a perfect spring and summer shade and I am already in love with it. I tried two coats of it but if you feel you need a full-coverage use three coats. First, let the base coat dry and then repeat the procedure. The thin coating will help you to do a smudge-free application as well.

NE-CGC-00690-D25 CND Shellac Carnation Bliss 0.25 fl oz/7.3 ml 00690

NP-POL-00677-0D5 CND Vinylux #350 Carnation Bliss 0.5 fl oz/15 ml 00677

Magical Topiary Limited Edition

Say hello to this light mint shade. It has a fresh and icy look with a light reflection of green making it the 2nd limited edition of CND garden collection. This soft and cool-toned can be the cheer of your spring and summer giving you the fresh look you always wanted. For those who prefer the cool tones, this is a must-have for some creative nail arts. I had the most fun with this color because there were too many options like with Lady Lilly. And the best part was that I used all the colors of this collection for nail art on each other achieving some of the best looks for my hands.

NE-CGC-00691-D25 CND Shellac Magical Topiary 0.25 fl oz/7.3 ml 00691

NP-POL-00678-0D5 CND Vinylux #351 Magical Topiary 0.5 fl oz/15 ml 00678

Nail Polish Formulas

CND® presents shades that echo the renewal of Spring in Shellac and Vinylux. All the 6 shades of CND English Garden we’ve seen earlier are available in the following two formulas:


Imagen having spring colors with a perfect mirror finish that remains chip-resistant and lasts for up to 2 weeks. Whether you are looking to swipe on spring-inspired shades or go beyond with bunny rabbits and eggs, the English Garden Shellac gel polish group is just what you need to create these trendy nail design arts.


English Garden shades in the Vinylux formula help you breakthrough polish that lasts for 7 days. So, you will need 6 weeks to try every shade we discussed earlier. This collection’s Vinylux bottles make a perfect set for creating each nail with a different color. Mixing these color ranges would look very appropriate for Easter!


So, this is a complete review of the new and amazing English Garden collection which is without a doubt a must-have. All the shades have a perfect texture and smooth application which matters as well when we buy nail paint. It works beautifully and with all the fresh and cool hues, you are all set to enjoy the spring as well as summer. So, get your hands on them and fall in love with this spring fling.

Creative nail design is one of the leading global producers of nail, hand & foot products. Their collections have influenced the nail industry because of their quality and unique colors. All products are the creation of high-end research and development leading to successful customer reviews. A fun fact that most people don’t know about CND is that this company started from a dentist’s office. And today they are one of the leading producers creating innovative and authentic nail products.

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