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    I have been using Entity’s products professionally for my clients’ nails for years, they are just great, and all its polishes often last up to four weeks. I am really excited to try these new shades and tell my clients about them; only I am waiting for the name.

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    Oh my goodness, these colors will herald in brand-new, exciting tone combinations that have never been seen before and my clients will be overjoyed when they know about this collection and see the new shades, they will be thrilled because they frequently inquire as to whether there are any new Entity shades. However, what I am more certain of is that my adult clients will fall in love with the Dancing Jewels shade because they are constantly drawn to funky tones, such as when Entity launched the Always In Season shade from Winter in Vail; they applied it until it peeled off and demanded to repeat the application more and more, so really if you are still unsure which shade to apply for your coming party, do not wait and try this one.

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