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    I am thrilled to attend this online course and purchase the certification and the Onyfix starter kit, which will surely enhance my career. As a professional, it is fantastic to have options and the ability to customize treatments with the AngelFeet file. I have attended the course in the past and was impressed by Barbara’s teaching and the variety of tools in the product. After watching videos to learn more about each tool, I can confidently say it is a great product, and Barbara is a great educator. I made a last-minute decision to attend the previous course and am so glad I did. Barbara was passionate and inspiring, and the product was explained in detail, emphasizing providing the best customer service and satisfaction. I appreciate how this training course for foot treatment is approached from a professional aspect, and I found the AngelFeet product to be easy to use, very useful, and, most importantly, safe for our feet. After just one use of the AngelFeet file, I removed a painful callus plaguing my foot for months, preventing me from wearing specific shoes and going barefoot. My heels and feet now feel relaxed, and I can confidently say that nothing has worked as well as this legendary tool out of all the tools and lotions I have tried.

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